Zodiac signs in spell working

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Zodiac signs in spell working

And of course, if you like astrology (see my previous blog post) you will probably have an interest in the zodiac too.  Working a spell that corresponds with the current zodiac sign will also throw more power in.

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Work spells for: Courage, authority, leadership, power, the forces, will power, new beginnings, challenges and protection.


Work spells for:  Stability, health, assistance, marriage, family, material gain, careers, financial stability and healing.


Work spells for: Communication, neighbours, travel, siblings, transport, knowledge, education, activity, imagination, divination, wishing spells, luck and success.


Work spells for: Family, home, domestic situations, gratitude, blessings spells, comfort, abundance, prosperity, love, luck and cleansing.


Work spells for: Courage, the arts, public speaking, fertility, childbirth, healing, influence, success, goals, removing obstacles, creativity and confidence.


Work spells for: Employment, foundations, planning, organisation, financial planning, communication, clarity, precision, research, paperwork, details and healing.


Work spells for: Creativity, expression, partnerships, legal matters, balance, new love, new projects, truth and justice.


Work spells for: Luck, psychic abilities, mental issues, inner work, secrets, cleansing, reincarnation, past lives, karma, enemies, spirituality and magic of all kinds really.


Work spells for: Travel, legal matters, publishing, healing, growth, spiritual relationships, creativity, co-operation, sharing, business success, transformation, inspiration, new beginnings, expanding, removing obstacles, releasing and meditation.


Work spells for: New business, new projects, planning, growth, organisation, foundations, ambitions, strength, health, banishing debt, clearing out, removing obstacles, rules, boundaries and elimination of pain


Work spells for: Inspiration, innovation, clarity, social events, friendships, moving forward and solving issues.


Work spells for: Dreams, astral travel, past lives, reincarnation, karma, psychic abilities, creativity, the arts and re-connecting with your spiritual path.



From Kitchen Witchcraft: Spells & Charms


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