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Here’s a little film from Rachel Patterson on how to make loose incense –

And if you enjoy Pagans on Youtube, do look up Nimue Brown on The Wheel of the Year –  or Robin Herne with a short Story about standing Stones –

You may also want to look for #ytpaganchallenge which will bring up a lot of Pagan folk talking about aspects of their path and experience. If you’re participating in this, please do leave your link in the comments.

Here are a couple of Moon Books titles with video reviews (If you’ve reviewed something of ours on youtube, do please pop the link in the comments!)

Danni Niles Reviews The Web Path Centre book on Sacred Sex and Magick –

MoonStone – Dreamer reviews Aphrodite’s Magic –

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  1. bitters&broomsticks says:

    #YTPagan challenge videos coming but here is my newest video for your viewing pleasure.

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