Year of the Goddess

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copyright Peter Patterson

copyright Peter Patterson

Goddess worship is nothing new.  In fact it dates back to Paleolithic times when our ancient ancestors viewed the female form as sacred and something to be revered.  They saw women with the natural cycles of their bodies to be intrinsically linked with the cycles of the earth.   Our ancestors knew that without woman there could be no creation, no new life, and so they believed that the world around them was created by a Goddess.

The Goddess has been worshipped throughout our history in various guises, to name a few she has been worshiped as creator, healer, nurturer, virgin, huntress, muse, warrior, lover, mother, protector, destroyer and many, many more.  The Goddess has been worshiped by many cultures across the globe and given hundreds of names along the way; Ishtar, Inanna, Isis, Asherah, Cerridwen, Shiva, Kali, Demeter, Persephone, Freya, Hel, Vesta, Minerva, Sulis, and Hecate to name but a few.

Female deities were not held in higher esteem than the male deities, but rather they were held in balance … until the introduction of monotheism and a patriarchal society.  Under the new religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam the Goddess was forced underground.

But the Goddess comes from nature and in nature all things are cyclical.  So over the last few decades the Goddess has been seeing a bit of a revival with the resurgence of nature religions that fall under the umbrella term of Paganism.   I think people are longing to bring the balance back into the world.

With this blog series we hope to take you on a journey through the seasons and a pathway of goddesses from all across the globe into many pantheons and across time itself – learn, journey, discover – each and every goddess has something to teach us and we encourage you to use your own intuition and be guided by your own inner connection with each one.


Rachel Patterson & Tracey Roberts

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