Year of the Goddess – November

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Arc of the goddess front page NovemberThe darkness of November…

Now we are the end of autumn and heading into winter.  The last of the autumn leaves are falling from the trees and the smell of bonfires fills the evening air.

The evenings are dark as are the mornings, time to start the process of withdrawing and entering inwards.  So I think it is a bit of a dreary month for most.

November is a time for remembering, reaffirming relationships and giving thanks.  This is the month of Guy Falks night where beautiful fireworks fill the skies.  We gather round bonfires and eat jacket potatoes filled with cheesy beans.

Remembrance Day where we pay homage to those that fought in wars for us.  Thanks Giving Day is celebrated in America and this marks the lead up and preparation for Yule and Christmas.  Also I don’t need an excuse to make a pumpkin pie either …


Crystal for November – Hematite

Polished hematite can be used as a magic mirror for divination purposes or to reflect back negative energy.  This is an incredibly powerful stone to use for self healing and can draw out pain and illness.  It can also bring about balance and calm.

Helpful to use in disputes or arguments and to sort out any legal issues.  It can also help dispel fear.

Use for astral travel but also to bring in psychic self defence, protection and grounding.


Herb for November – Mandrake

(Mandragora offcinale)

It’s poisonous…enough said.

It is the root of the mandrake that is used in magical workings; the root often resembles the shape of a body so makes it also useful as a poppet.   The leaves are ovate and wrinkled and white or purple flowers are produced followed by orange berries.  The only part of the mandrake that is not poisonous is the fruit.

The roots can be kept as a household protection poppet, wrap them in silk or satin and anoint them with alcohol or oil every so often, you may also like to leave it offerings occasionally (chocolate or silver coins work well)…I respond well to the same type of offerings… Feeding and tending to your poppet will also bring love and prosperity to your household.

You can also carry a piece of mandrake root with you for personal protection and to attract love to you.


Deity for November – Maman Brigitte

In Vodou, Maman Brigitte (Grann Brigitte, Manman, Manman Brigit, Manman Brijit) is a death loa, the wife of Baron Samedi. Maman Brigitte is one of the few Loa who is white and is depicted as being fair-haired and green-eyed with light European skin. She drinks hot peppers and is symbolized by a black rooster. Like Baron and the Ghede, she uses obscenities.  She protects gravestones in cemeteries if they are properly marked with a cross.


Tree for November – Yew (Taxus baccata)

When most of the trees around have lost their leaves and appear to be dead or dormant, the yew is still green and bears bright red berries, silently guarding the dead … itself immortal.

Yew trees have amazing longevity, some of the oldest in the UK are estimated to be as old as 4,000 years.  So it is no surprise that the Yew is connected to immortality, renewal, death, rebirth, the Underworld and communication with our ancestors.

Yew wood has been used for tools and implements but the whole tree is poisonous so mostly it’s energy is harnessed for magical workings.  As well as connecting to our ancestors the energy of the yew can help bring about powerful transformations and assist with otherworld journeys.   All perfect for this time of year.


Foraging in November

If you fancy a trip out to the forests and hedgerows keep an eye out for nettles, sorrel, watercress, cow parsley, horseradish, wild fennel, crab apples, juniper berries, rosehips, sloes, chestnuts, walnuts and ‘shrooms.

Please be careful and make sure that you identify any wild plants correctly…

Whatever you do this month make sure you enjoy it!


Rachel Patterson & Tracey Roberts

Kitchen Witch


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