Wild Earth, Wild Soul – a review

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Wild Earth, Wild Soul, by Bill Pfeiffer This book took me by surprise. It is a carefully written, accessible method of assisting people to get together in small groups of 15 -20, to experience and develop more meaningful and sensitive interaction in day-to-day living. The ‘get-togethers’ named ‘Wild Earth Intensives’ (WEI’s) are approached with an open mind, where flexibility rules supreme. Bill has gleaned an impressive knowledge and understanding from his travels and interactions with many cultures and uses this to outline a blueprint of ideas and possibilities to be used as a guide to get started on developing a WEI. The first chapters outline his understanding for the need to help people in today’s society, to discover and connect with our natural world. He describes many experiences with indigenous peoples and enlightened souls, which he has used to create his blueprint. Nothing is set in stone and the nature of the workshops is to honour all and let our hearts and creativity lead the way. No one organiser or leader is expected to run these events, as the goal is to get involved and share. For those who prefer not to delve into the philosophy and rigour that led to the birth of WEI’s, the option is to move straight into the middle chapters and read the suggestions of how to organise and develop the first group among friends/interested parties. I am sure that this book will appeal to many, who also understand the need to feel connected with each other and the earth, since our modern, shallow society has left many feeling lost and confused. This book contains great insight and passion and will undoubtedly be an inspiration to many.

Glynis Willmore, Ferality Magazine 2016

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More information about Wild Earth, Wild Soul can be found here – http://www.moon-books.net/books/wild-earth-wild-soul



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