Where do you feel most at home as a pagan?

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photo by Rebecca Beattie

photo by Rebecca Beattie

This question sparked an incredible array of answers from Moon Books authors. It‚Äôs a lovely illustration of the diversity in Paganism, the absence of single ‚Äėright answers‚Äô and I hope it also offers inspiration…

Vivienne Moss: In the snow covered forest with only the sound of a babbling creek and wind whispering through the trees.

Sheena Cundy: Out on the land. Singing. Writing. Creating.

Steve Andrews: Walking in a wood, by a river or on a mountain.

Rachel Patterson:¬†Anywhere…my faith is carried within…

Dorothy L. Abrams: Among my pagan community creating magic, chatting, sharing for, thinking out loud and being understood.

Rebecca Beattie:¬†In the outdoors – whether that is a street, a park, a garden or (best of all) in the wild places…

IMAG0291Brendan Howlin: In an OBOD gathering

Yvonne Ryves: Out in the woods or in a stone circle, sometimes alone, sometimes with like minded friends

David Salisbury: With my coven, under a big, bright full moon

Mabh Savage:¬†With my tribe when we camp together. The place: fields, trees and an abundance of wildlife; the people: friends and family from all different paths; the ethos: all working together whether we’re building fires or making kebabs! We look after the land, we are respectful and we have an enormous amount of fun. Magical times.

Lucya Starza: At home. I have a room that I call my witchy room. It is lined with books and has all my magical equipment. Apart from that Рwell, anywhere. The city, the countryside, woods and forests, mountains, the seaside Рall are magical.

Image by Nicholas Mann

Image by Nicholas Mann

Morgan Daimler:¬†Out in the night, under the full moon or no moon at all, when the rest of the world is sleeping and you can taste the magic in the air….

Taz Thornton:¬†Wherever I am – it’s in my heart x

Laura Perry:¬†Anywhere I’m really present, really mindful of the now. It’s easiest for me to get into that mindstate when I’m out in nature, whether that’s my little patch of woods or a huge mountain range, but if I pay attention, I can also ‘get there’ in an office building or a crowded shopping mall. For me, it’s not so much about where I am, as how I am.

Photo by Elen Sentier

Photo by Elen Sentier

Jez Hughes: In the wilderness and In ceremony

Elen Sentier: At home, on mountains, with my cats, with animals.

Ellen Evert Hopman: Sitting on a fallen log, by a stream, in the oak forest by my house.

Nimue Brown: At the barrow, under a big open sky, and also on stage talking and performing. Bed is also a sacred space.


Where do you feel most at home as a Pagan? Do please leave us a comment.

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