What are you doing for Summer Solstice / Alban Hefin?

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I am never sure what will happen at Summer Solstice / Alban Hefin as although ahead of there day itself, I often have great ideas about what I might do, something often happens and I end up spending it alone and in the rain at that.

As an OBOD Bard I took my guide’s advice and worked my way consistently through the solitary rituals for each turn of the wheel. Their advice was that by doing so I would then be able to understand what it was that I was missing out. Despite this and despite continuing to study with the OBOD, now as an Ovate, I have never been comfortable with set ritual even though I found the experience interesting. I think this is very much down to my shamanic background which means that there are no gods or goddesses whom I worship nor has there ever been any fixed ritual at any time of the year. ¬†Instead if I feel drawn to work with a Celtic Festival, or any other come to that, I usually¬†wait until the day, spend time connecting with my guides, the energy around the time of year, the spirits of the space I am spending it in and then take it from there.

This year at Bealtain I spent time in my stone circle, tidying, removing anything that had found its way there over the winter, knowing as I did that I was thinking that I would like to spend Summer Solstice amongst the stones. Then a few weeks ago I took delivery of a load of wood chip and so this was moved to refill the wood chip that had mulched down over the last twelve months. As I was refilling the circle I knew that I was preparing it for Summer Solstice and that the day would find me there.

It is unusual now for me to spend a festival with anyone else, although back when what is now my stone circle was a labyrinth, I regularly held group labyrinth walks at the solstices. recently though I met with a friend and we were both talking about how much we felt the need to be still, to reconnect, to drum and to hold a fire ceremony and so with both of us being free for Summer Solstice plans were set.

We have no plans beyond the desire to sit amongst the stones, tune in, connect with our guides and the spirits of the place. Whatever happens there will be drumming and fire and the chances are we will make a Despacho to offer to the spirits, one that is full of gratitude for all that we have for this year it feels like a celebration. The weather looks to be on our side with the forecast of a dry sunny day so we will be able to fully connect with the sun at midday, if it is that the spirits are in agreement that is.

Thinking about the day that’s in it and seeing online how many places are holding some kind of solstice gathering it got me ¬†wondering what other people were actually doing for Summer Solstice. So how are you spending it?

If though you are still looking for some ideas of what to do then this link will take you to some Ancient Celtic Traditions which might provide some inspiration.

Whatever you do, even if it is nothing, I wish you all Solstice Blessings.


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