Weekly Preparations: Setting the Space for the Sacred

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Preparing for my week used to include checking my calendar and writing up a new To Do list. And, to be fair, I still do both of those tasks. But what’s newer to my weekly preparation is recreating space for the sacred relationships in my life.

Tending my altars

While I don’t always go around to all of my altars (some of the gods are more particular than others), there is one that I focus on each week: Aphrodite. I make sure the flowers I’ve left for her are replaced or that they are still a worthy offering.

I say a few words to her in gratitude, light some incense, and try to clean up anything that may have been placed upon her altars. Yes, there is more than one. But the main one that is in the middle of my home is the one that gets the most attention, while her smaller altars get monthly treatments.

Tending living beings

A new addition to my home is a resurrection plant. This plant, a.k.a. Rose of Jericho, is one that comes as a dried up little ball. When you add it to water, it starts to bloom into a green, earthy-smelling plant. I have several around my house to remind me to water myself and to focus on the fact that no matter what part of a cycle I’m in, I will come back to where I’ve been.

Each week (if not sooner when the weather is hotter and drier), I rinse these plants, thank them for their presence, and fill up the glass bowls with water again. I watch them bloom and fill the space, resurrecting the week and refreshing my outlook.

Tending my heart

No matter what happens each week or what is supposed to happen, I try to find ways to tend my heart. This might look like creating a new altar or singing a song loudly when no one is around. It might look like taking myself out for a sweet treat, or making time to talk to a friend.

And what is absolutely necessary is time with my beloved. We try to make time, even if it’s not a lot, to sit down and be with each other. We try to be there for each other’s hearts, in all of their glow and all of their ache. Away from the world, we come back to each other.

Cleaning and making space

Of course, one of the most mundane things I do is clean at the start of each week. Just getting the clothes in the wash or the papers off the floor helps me reset. Sweep away the energetic dust and debris, sometimes with sage that I grow in my yard and sometimes with yarrow hydrosol spray.  Clean, protect, and prepare.

How might you make space for the sacred?


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