Tree Calendar – Introduction

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By Elen Sentier

20140504_154241Trees of the Goddess

When I was asked to write Trees of the Goddess I had a good old sit down and sit-with the idea. Did the goddess want this, I wondered, and did she want it right now? Pretty damn quick the answer came back “Yes!” That was a bit unnerving really as I was half way through teaching it as a 13 month course and doing that as well as writing it all into a book-form was some task but the students really helped and supported me, egging me on.

I grew up amongst trees. There were woods all around the South Dartmoor farm where I first got to walking about in the wide world from the age of three. A couple of uncles used to take me about with them while Dad was at work; one was a forester and the other a gardener and both had an intrinsic connection with nature and with the spirits of place. Such things were natural amongst the folks I grew up with, they weren’t ‘separate’ and there was no such thing as ‘new age’ back then … there was just ‘what you did’.

So I got took about and introduced to the trees. My forester uncle, Uncle Jack, used to take me out with him in the evenings, sometimes til well after dark, to sit under trees and wait and watch for whoever would come. And all sorts of critters did come – owls of course, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, wood mice and dormice, voles and other little scampering things. Nightjars would come in the dusk, sounding like hells’ angels motorbikes as they flew round the little stone circle at the edge of the woods where we would often sit. We never had a fire. A fire would scare the critters away and we wouldn’t see them.

Sometimes we’d be left alone, just with the trees and in particular the tree we were sat under. Occasionally Uncle Jack would sing, wordless voicing of tones like the mouth-singing of Scotland. And I would dream, as I thought of it (if I thought at all!) at the time. Now I know it was journeying. I would see, speak with, play with, the spirit of the tree and with other spirits who came along as well. Later, when I went to school and we read the Narnia stories the descriptions of the dryads CS Lewis writes were so recognisable to me. I’d learned by then though to keep my mouth shut about my own experiences! Other kids didn’t necessarily share them and would make fun of me.

But that’s how working with the trees of the goddess began for me, with Uncle Jack, sat under a tree, watching and listening.

It grew as I grew and now it’s part of my regular work as awenydd and I’ve written the book for the goddess.


Shaman Pathways – Trees of the Goddess: Elen Sentier. Moon Books. 

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  1. What an amazing upbringing 🙂 You’re truly blessed to have found your path so early and to have managed to keep it through the constant grinding down of all spirit and beauty in the ‘Satanic Mills’ of education, peer pressure, bullying, which is where I lost my belief in everything, very early on…

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