Tree calendar – 2nd Month

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jhp52d894a2248712nd Month: 21 Jan–17 Feb

by Elen Sentier

L: Luis: Rowan

Rowan is the tree of Imbolc and is about thresholds and gateways. It’s known as Quicken where I live and is about coming-and-going … to go anywhere you must also leave where you are. Rowan helps you do this.

Being born is to cross the threshold … it’s death-to-otherworld that is birth-into-thisworld. Dying is to go back across the threshold again and so death-to-thisworld is birth-to-otherworld.

To cross the threshold of death we give back to the goddess the bodies we’ve worn this incarnation. Our spirit inhabits a body made of Earth-stuff, goddess stuff, it’s a space-suit for living on Planet Earth. In our Celtic tradition the goddess is the Earth and everything our bodies are made of comes from her; it all goes back to her when our bodies die. That’s quickening … and the Quicken Tree helps us do this.



Image by  Judith F Hubbard

We are both spirit and matter. We give the matter back to the Earth at the end of the incarnation when our spirit no longer needs it and hopefully in better condition than when we borrowed it. This is how we help the Earth, by giving her better matter back than we took for our bodies. Rowan helps us do this.


Trees of the Goddess

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