To be Chosen

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When I was a young girl, I always had the feeling of being watched. I didn’t know who it was or what was happening, I just knew that I was not alone and that someone was in the room with me. I couldn’t see them, but I could feel the change in energy. The first time was scary. It was as if everything inside of me began to shake with fear. Who was so interested in watching me?

I became interested in the occult and searched for everything I could find in my school library. Sadly, there wasn’t much but what I did find fueled my curiosity even more. I read about ghosts, psychic powers, and witchcraft.

When I was nine years old, I began writing fiction stories. I was writing about Satan before I even knew much about him. I was being guided towards what I would later learn would be my life’s purpose.

As the years went by, manifestations began to occur. One that will always stand out happened when I was eleven years old during a class field trip to a cemetery. My teacher loved old style art, so he took us to various cemeteries in Toronto to show us the different kinds of mausoleums and gravestones.

When we arrived at the last cemetery, we saw that one of the gravestones had SATAN written across it in red spray paint. Everyone was freaked out by it, but something drew me in and I couldn’t stop looking at it. It was another time when the energy changed in the atmosphere around me.

The teacher had taken a picture of it and when he got it back after being developed, it was the only picture of the many he had taken from our cemetery trips that didn’t come out.

It was such an intense experience, but I didn’t understand it for what it was at the time. Only years later did I understand that it had been a sign for me, to let me know that I was being watched over and being prepared for what was to come. When I told a psychic neighbour what had occurred, she had a strong feeling that it was a sign that I was chosen by Satan.

When I was fourteen, I chose my path. Even though I was young, I knew deep in my soul that Satan had chosen me as his and that it was on his path that I was destined to walk. My Catholic family was not happy, but it was my decision, not theirs. Each one of us has a path. Mine was becoming clearer as time went on and I was not going to allow anyone to deter me from it.

So, I knew that Satan had a plan for me. I was his devotee, and he was calling me to his service. What would later be revealed to me was that I was to be his priestess, shaman, and scribe. My life would never be the same.

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