The Woven Word – voice and magic

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jhp53b15be3859bcAn excerpt from Romany Rivers’ The Woven word:

In one of the major creation myths of Ancient Egypt the God Ptah
thought the world in his mind and then created it by speaking magickal words or hekau. The power he used was called heka,
which represents as well as the God of that name, the lifeforce.

This power animates everything as it did at the first creation. In some versions of the myth, it was the God Heka himself who spoke creation into being. So to the Ancient Egyptians, every act of magick was a recreation of that first act of creation. From Ancient Greek times, harmonious sounds have been regarded as a microcosm or earthly expression of the harmony of the heavenly bodies. Since only a small proportion of the vibrations of the universe could be heard by the human ear, the purpose of chant and song was to attune the spirit of the chanter or musician to these more subtle spiritual sounds on higher levels. In doing so, the soul might move closer to harmony and unity with the cosmic rhythms. Through this attunement, the disparate elements and energies of a spell are harmonized and raised to create the spiritual state and substance of aether, spirit or akasha.

In this magickal state or energy force, our wishes are held beyond measured time, filled with power, transformed and bounced back into actuality.

Chanting, the art of saying or singing repetitive words or phrases rhythmically, has been used magickally and in religious and mystical ceremonies for thousands of years. Chanting involves a special thought mode, not just the logical left brain analyzing and categorizing in words, our conscious thoughts.

Nor is it quite like the right brain clairvoyance or enhanced visualization, where we work primarily through images. Chanting at its most powerful synthesizes left and right brain to evoke a spiritual out-of-body state that may seem to last for an hour or more, though the chant may only be for five minutes.
Chants have the effect of organizing words into a natural rhythm,
compressing spell wishes into magickal rather than everyday language structures and so concentrating concepts. In this way, their meaning is powerfully impressed on the aether created by the spell and on our auras, which are likewise empowered by the repetitive and often increasing intensity of the sounds. Whether using voice alone or accompanied by dancing and / or drumming, in isolation or with others, chanting increases the spell tempo and is the single most effective way of raising and releasing power. It also positively affects the chakras, the psychic energy centers and the aura of the chanter. What is more, when chanting is a part of a ritual in which other voices are joined, great collective spiritual and psychic power is generated to launch a need, healing, blessing or empowerment.


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