The Witch and The Empress

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If the Emperor logged on to Tinder or Christian Mingle or some other kind of dating site he enjoys browsing, then he would definitely stop on the profile of the Empress to get a better look and read her profile. She’s the “It” girl. He can see she is smart and beautiful. She seems really passionate about life.

He knows she’s worth more than a wave. He is sending that beautiful lady a message so he can meet her for coffee or a beer. He wants to find out if she is a perfect match. And there is an excellent chance when she meets the Emperor, that she will think he is all that and a bag of chips too.

A match made in heaven. What a handsome couple they are together. An absolute power duo supporting each other in everything they do together or separately. They are both confident and assertive in their own ways. Her ways tend to be more subtle.

The Empress will protect all her loved ones like a mama bear when they need it. She will breathe life into any person, hobby, project, job, animal, volunteer work etc. that she becomes interested in. Eventually, whatever it is she pours her heart into will flourish.

People find themselves attracted to her because her energy is healing and she is naturally helpful with others. She has that Venus goddess like energy going on even when she doesn’t try. She could have her hair pulled up in a bun and her yoga pants on, but her smile and laugh will still turn heads.

She is raw love. The kind of love that holds you when you’re sick in the middle of the night and brings you medicine. The kind of woman that will make you laugh hard on a bad day. She will make you feel content sitting in her silence with a simple touch, look or kiss.

She is basically the perfect woman. If you’re the sort of guy who gets intimidated by successful women, then beware. She doesn’t compete with her partner, but she has a tendency to shine when she is doing what she loves.

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