The Witch and The Emperor

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This is the guy I want as my co-worker for sure! He knows what he is doing and he does it well. We get each other. I admire his ability to resolve a problem. He is calm, cool and collected. He’s totally got it going on. When stuff isn’t falling apart, we have great conversation about everything that  we love and hate.

And when stuff is falling apart, he fixes shit and then he  offers to take you out for sushi afterwards too. And then he tells you that you look cute in your glasses and ugly wool sweater. And you think …”Shit! This is my guy….I could marry this guy!” Could you?

I mean here is the thing…If you and the Emperor have the same values and line up with each other, then jackpot pot baby! You have got the guy of your dreams. He is probably the guy your Mother always wished for you. Congratulations! He’s the guy you make babies with and he is the perfect daddy. He will hold the door open for you. He will pick up the tab without keeping track because he sees it as his job. He will keep you in line if you start to go south. You will look in his eyes and admire everything about him.

He is a “High Way or My Way” sort of guy. If you and he are on the same road , then you are good to go. The only way this relationship goes south is if you and he differ on views. If he wants you to be a stay at home mom and you are like, “Fuck no!” that could create a rift. If you are a wild woman that does not want to be kept, then stay away from this guy. He will be determined to put you in your place. And if he can’t put you in your place , then he will probably cheat on you with some other girl he can control. Booooh! Right!?

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