The Witch and Her Strength

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Strength isn’t about who can roar the loudest. It’s not about who can be the biggest bully. It reminds me of a story I heard as a child. The wind was arguing with the sun that he could make a little boys jacket come off first. The wind blew with all his might and the little boy clung to his jacket for dear life. After the wind was unsuccessful, the sun began to shine and the little boy took his jacket off because he was warm and felt good in the sunshine.

I have pulled the Strength card for myself often over the past several years. It is a card that I truly resonate with well. I often see it as a sign and reminder that my character, my will and my perseverance will bring me back to place of excellence.

True strength doesn’t mean you get to be problem free. It’s about how you handle yourself and your situations. Don’t waste your energy on the little dumb stuff. Burn some sage and let that shit go. Let karma do the rest. It’s good to stop for a moment and remind yourself just how big the universe truly is for all. Every witch and magician knows it’s all about riding the wave and striking when the iron is hot.

No one wants to encourage you to do something big like divorce or leaving a job etc. These are the sort of things that take strength and courage. Even I hesitate at times to encourage others. We all need to own our own fear of failure and work through it.

One time, I did a reading for a woman who wanted to know if she should leave her job and start her own business. The cards I threw down said, “Yes, yes, yes!” After I read the cards, I looked at her and told her, “I’m hesitant to say yes myself because starting a business is a big deal.” She looked at me and said, “The cards say yes. I’m going for it.” She is actually quite successful today with her own business. I’m glad she took the advice of the cards.

Strength is about having the courage to do what’s best for you. And the courage to leave behind what is no longer working for you. Make room for the opportunities and people that will nurture you and allow you to thrive. Liking who you are and having inner peace is priceless. And when you know yourself inside out, no one takes that away from you.

Being surround by a warm and loving family is a gift. Being surrounded with friendships that have lasted since first grade, since college, since jobs from my 20s and so on, that is a sign of good character. These are relationships built on trust, persevering love and unbreakable bonds that I’ve proven to be worthy and capable of sharing with other people of similar character of my own in this lifetime. Birds of a feather flock together and my birds are supportive, kind and full of love. I appreciate them all and would do anything in my reach for them. And that is the meaning of what being a woman of Strength is for me.

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