The wisdom of trolls

May 11th, 2016 | By | Category: Articles, Poetry

By Nimue Brown

Usually what happens with the Moon Bard poetry each month, is that Martin Pallot generously sends in his words, and then we find a photo – generously donated by Stephen Chapman, to put with it. This month, a photo of Stephen’s has resulted in a poem…


poetry May treeThe wisdom of trolls


At the edge of sight, we are the almost,

The half glimpsed maybe, the uncertainty

The thrill of a moment’s recognition.

Just a tree, you tell yourself, just a tree.

Leaf flutter in a wind you did not feel

Uncanny moment, over-imagined

Foolish to make so much of so little.

Chant it again, foolish-safe-foolish-safe

Your heart should not be beating this fiercely.

Just a tree, harmless tree, stationary

No reason to feel your hot neck prickle

There are no eyes that watch, just shapes in bark.

Forget us, turn your back and walk away

Tell yourself there are no elves here, no trolls

Nothing to come stalking in the darkness,

Nothing to be afraid of, all is well.

Your little world, unchallenged, carries on.

We drank the elixir of your terror.

You are food to us, even in retreat.

Disbelieve our being at your peril.

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