The Way of the Lover – an excerpt

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Here’s an excerpt from Ross Heaven’s new title, the Way of the Lover.

There is a beautiful scene in the Ken Russell film, Altered States, where research scientist, Eddie Jessup, takes part in a mushroom
ceremony with Mexican shamans. Jessup has been searching for God, believing it to be an unconscious impulse within the human
brain, and he feels that these entheogens will help him on his quest. The dreamy influence of the mushrooms touches him and he lies down in a desert cave as a vision overtakes him.

In this vision, he and his wife share their love for each other in the simplest and most innocent of ways: smiling in a summer garden, feeding each other ice cream, and allowing openness and love to flow through – and from – them. There is a magical and transformative quality to this image: two adult children at play in The Garden, allowing the breath of the universe, whose essence is love, to feed their open hearts. The food that they share becomes Holy, a sacrament, just as it would for any child bought his first ice cream by a loving father: a delicious taste of love. Freed from ‘original sin’ and invited back into Eden, husband and wife behold Beauty in the moment.

This vision takes place in dreamspace because Eddie and his wife are actually estranged, their preoccupations, fears, and the lure of academic success having caused their separation. The message is a simple one: true love is found when we get beyond the needs of the self and the illusions of the world, and find a place where we can meet again as innocents and recognise the divine in each other, in ourselves, and in the reflections of our “mirrorlike hearts”.

Maybe we are all Eddie Jessup. We have been looking for love – and for God, the Belovedi – in all the wrong places: ‘out there’ in the world of competition and separation instead of ‘in here’, where the soul finds itself. Out there is fleeting and illusionary and demands that we prove ourselves over and over again to stand any chance of love; in here is a gentle acceptance of a love that is already ours.

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