The Shaman’s Quest

Aug 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Book Reviews

Most books that I get to review are about magic, or paganism, or druidry. Most stories are just stories. I read this book in one sitting, and it left me with the hairs standing up on the backs of my arms.

I’m not a shaman, but apparently I know enough about three of the four paths Drury weaves into this tale to find it both familiar and convincing. These are stories that express what a spirituality born of the land really means, showing both the similarities and the differences. For each land is different, and each shapes a different kind of spiritual life and path. And yet all draw on the same essence as well.

This book is not about shamanism. It is shamanism. It is not a story about magic, it is an act of magic that will get under your skin, work on your soul, and send shivers of inspiration and possibility through your body. It is also a story of hope.

It is told in the voice of myth, beautifully unfashionable in its style, and deceptively simple. What it has to tell you is complex and profound. Nimue Brown

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