The Secrets of the Hierophant

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Our spiritual teachers and our spiritual lessons appear in all kinds of ways. Some in person and some in spirit. In the past year or so, I truly believed the Goddess had finally revealed her face to me in my dreams. I even talk about this in a previous blog titled, “The Witch and The High Priestess.” I could not be more wrong.

It turns out, my beautiful Goddess was actually my spirit guide Maude. I affectionately refer to her as my goddess Maud, now that her truths have been revealed to me. I know she always has my best interest at heart and she has my back too. So even if we disagree on some things, we usually find these wonderful compromises in between when we talk.

Despite my leaving Christianity because I just couldn’t get on board with the dogma of the church any longer, I recently found Jesus showing up out of nowhere to heal me. I had not even called on him and yet there he was taking care of me. And that appearance has truly given me so much to think about with my spiritual path.

My current teacher is my High Priestess. A beautiful Crone full of love and kindness that comes with the experiences and lessons of time here on earth. I want to carry myself in that same fashion of humbleness and magic that she displays.

And my Golden Dawn teachers, taught me about magic that I didn’t even know existed. The kind that vibrates into your body and rattles your bones and also vibrates far into the universe. The kind that teaches you to face your fears. The kind that can make you sick if it’s not used properly and the kind that can bring the most beautiful healing to a person when it is used properly.

The word Hierophant originates from the word hierophany . According to Wikipedia, “A hierophany is a manifestation of the sacred. The word is a formation of the Greek adjective hieros (sacred/holy) and the verb phainein (to reveal / to bring to light).”

From the day we are born, we come across teacher after teacher, and lesson after lesson that over time prepares us for all kinds of things. For our first love, our first victory, our first heart break. How to face our own demons.

Sooner or later, we all meet our darkest hour. We hit rock bottom and have to crawl our way back up the hole to find our light again. These are the moments that break us and shape us into who we are today. We no longer allow others to define our strengths and our weaknesses. And for one am grateful for the teachers who shared their knowledge with me and believed in me.

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