The most crafty authors

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Moon Books authors are multi-talented people, many have other fabulous skills, which is in doubt part of what makes them such interesting and informed authors.

jhp560a6b221513dLucya Starza doesn’t just write about candles, she’s also a candle maker – you can find out more about this on her blog.

And more about that candle magic book here –



Shamanic author Taz Thornton is also a shamanic crafter, making wands, rattles, drums and more. You can check out her wonderful work here –

jhp5633661711af6And find out more about her book – Whispers from the earth – here







jhp54f743a60d1fbRebecca Beattie makes semi precious beads and pendulums that she sells at Treadwells and a few other places… More information can be found on her website, along with more insights into her writing…





Laura Perry’s interest in things Minoan goes far beyond books and into the realms of crafting, too. You can find out more about her work here – And more about her Minoan book here –

Sheena Cundy is a crafter – you can read about what she likes to get up to on her blog and you can watch Nimue brown’s video about adventures in tabard making here –


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