The Meditating Goldfish

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My mind is at rest, calm and at ease with my body. I have crossed the dark abyss, the bridge that separates the physical and spiritual worlds. The abyss disconnects the spiritual mind from the physical brain allowing the true self to escape the realm of matter for a time to bathe in the presence of Fishnu. We swim together in the primal seas of the Mother Goddess Tiamat, floating in the waters of love.

My earthly self lives in a fishbowl of existence, a small world within an infinite universe. Who am I? Fishnu reminds me I am a small fish in a great ocean of life and by being aware of my surroundings and living at one with nature knowing I am connected to every other thing in the universe brings me closer to god. God plans my future and the goddess puts in place his plan in the waters of life. Know your goddess and by treating her well will help to ensure god will write you a favourable future with the goddess lighting the way for you to follow. Treat the goddess bad and she will lead you to Hell, treat her well and she will take you to Heaven.

To know the goddess first know you are a body and a soul, married together for a lifetime. The body and soul make up the whole and connects with the cosmic realm of the universe bringing existence out of the water and out of the air, swimming over the face of the earth and out into space.


I return to my body of flesh and bone, my heart pumping blood around my body putting feeling into my fins and tail. The water is warm and well oxygenated thanks to our servants, the humans who care for us keeping us fed and clean. These servants of Lucifer were bred to work for a living and pay taxes to their masters that rule the planet. The herd mind of mankind allows them to be easily enchanted by the illusion of freedom, a reality created by mortal men, not god.


I am glad I am a goldfish.


Blessed Be

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