The many flavours of Druidry

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jhp5655d4457697cWe have a great many Druid titles at Moon Books reflecting something of the breadth and diversity of modern Druidry. Here’s a selection to give you a flavour.

For beginners, we recommend Robin Herne’s Old Gods New Druids and Graeme Talboys The Druid Way Made Easy.

For the Urban Druid, there’s Brendan Howlin’s Handbook of Urban Druidry soon to be joined by The Urban Ovate

Looking for history? You might want to explore Ellen Evert Hopman’s A Legacy of Druids, Nimue Brown’s Druidry and the Ancestors, Brendan Myers The Earth, The Gods and The Soul – A History of Pagan Philosophy, or the anthology This Ancient Heart

For bards, Kevan Manwaring’s The Way of Awen is a must-read, as is Robin Herne’s Bard Song and Claire Hamilton’s Tales of the Celtic Bards

Interested in Recon? Then you need Morgan Daimler’s Where the Hawthorn Grows.

Looking for books that cross over between Druidry and other traditions? There’s Danu Forest’s The Druid Shaman, Joanna van der Hoeven’s Zen Druidry and Mark Townsend’s Christio-Pagan work, Diary of a Heretic.

jhp51efa580a1aafIn the Pagan Portals you’ll find introductory texts to a number of Celtic deities, and we also have titles covering meditation, herbalism, divination, ethics and philosophy of likely interest to Druid readers. Visit and browse the books list.

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