The Magic of the Yule GiveAway Blanket

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Dorothy L. Abrams

My circle The Web PATH Center celebrates Yule with a Native American tradition I learned from Amy Lee’s Sisterhood of the Shields years and years ago. The gist of it is this: Spirit makes the gifts. We simply bring somethings for people who may or may not get them, but someone will. The right one will.

This year for Yule, each of us will bring 3 unwrapped gifts for the blanket. They may be gifts from their own collection of magical tools and talismans like crystals or wands. They can certainly be homemade art or food or clothing. They can be re-gifted items that we are finished with but someone else might need including gently used books, CDs, jewelry or animal statues. Or they can be new items selected specifically for this occasion. In each case the giver feels moved to share the gift. We might think of a person in the group who will need or want our things. We may be sure of who will pick it up, but we never give a clue. Spelling the item for someone’s hand is okay as long as it’s a secret. Even knowing who brought what is secret.

Unobserved, we place the items unwrapped on the blanket. After grounding and breathing together, the group circles the blanket looking at all the choices and waiting for 3 items to call to them. Sometimes the choice is quick and clear. Other times people wait and agonize over something they want but think it must be for someone else. Sometimes I reach for something and it disappears into someone else’s hand before I could get there. Must be it wasn’t for me.

One year a frame drum was on the blanket. People picked it up and thought better of it, returning it to the blanket. It wasn’t theirs. Finally all the gifts were gone but the drum. We all knew who should have it. The drum had made it clear, but she didn’t think it was right. She was a teenager. Surely no one meant she should take the drum. We gently told her, “The drum is yours. It said so.” It is a joyous memory.

Another year a very poor woman came to me and whispered “Is it okay if I take the ring?” There was an expensive magical ring on the table that no longer fit me. She didn’t know I’d put it there. “Does it fit?” She nodded. “Then I suspect it’s yours. You’ll know if you wear it for a moment.” I lost count of how many times she said, she never thought there would be a gift like that. This is real giving.

You see, half the fun is waiting to see who picks up that something special I brought. The other half is having my friends ask “What did you get?” And then finding out “Oh! I brought that thinking of you.”

I find the usual give and take of Yuletide tiresome. Too much expectation, too little gratitude. I love the GiveAway Blanket. It forces us to know what we are worth and listen to the voice of our Goddesses who want only the best for everyone.

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  1. Ron Gates says:

    Love this Dorothy looking forward to yule.

  2. Stonelight says:

    Many fond memories, just beautiful!

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  4. Billy Rose says:

    Gnarly dudes, sweet.

  5. Billy Rose says:

    I hope I win a blanket… that’d be radical.

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