The Hidden Worlds – an excerpt

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Written by Sandra Ingerman and Katherine Wood, this is a story designed to answer the spiritual needs of young adult readers.  Writing in the introduction, Sandra Ingerman said:

“I wrote a story based on my own spiritual guidance to share a shamanic foundation with children and young adults. Our children are our future and need and deserve a way to work with the personal and planetary challenges they are facing in life. Katherine took the skeleton foundation of the story I wrote and helped me to create an engaging teaching adventure for all who read this inspirited book.”

Here’s the beginning of the story itself…

Math problems finished, Isaiah dropped his forehead onto his desk. His face flushed against the cool desktop as he recalled the breakfast exchange with his mom. The instant replay ran in full Technicolor across Isaiah’s closed eyelids:

“Klick. Klack.” His mother’s teeth snapped together—the warning sound to be on alert for something embarrassing. “I just read an article about the concerns boys have with puberty.”

Puberty? At breakfast? Missing his dad volted through him. Why wasn’t he here right now? Without looking up, Isaiah poked out the center of the sunny-side-up egg with his toast. Yoke spread yellow across the plate.

“Your testicles will double in size and may be uneven meaning one may hang down farther than the other.”

Isaiah noticed how powder rose, hovering just above her oatmeal as she plopped a spoonful of protein into it. He wished he could rise up and leave the kitchen. His face was hot. She stirred, apparently waiting for a response.

“Okay,” he croaked, feeling certain that if one of his testicles was lower than the other, he’d never ever tell her.

“Your voice cracking is normal too,” she said. “Your voice box is enlarging, and your vocal cords are stretching. It’s embarrassing and annoying but will eventually go away.”

Isaiah thought his voice changing was more than annoying. He was used to not being able to trust his asthmatic body, but now he couldn’t rely on his voice either. He never knew when it would be high or low or both in the same word. And puberty and everything enlarging?

His mom was still speaking. “…involuntary erections…”

“I have to brush my teeth,” he said, standing so quickly he knocked his chair over.

“Wait!” his mother said using her no-nonsense voice. “It is time for you to start wearing deodorant.” She placed a container on the table. Isaiah noticed it was the same brand she used. Was that right? From commercials on TV, he didn’t think men and women wore the same

“It has no animal ingredients and there’s been no animal testing with this product,” she added.

If he had to wear deodorant, at least it was one that hadn’t harmed any animals. The container said ‘Natural Fragrance’ but right below that was the word ‘calendula’. Didn’t that have something to do with marigolds? Great.

With his head still against the desk, Isaiah fanned his shirt under his armpits and sniffed at the air. He didn’t smell flowers. The classroom door squeaked open, and Isaiah watched the
boy named George enter. As George’s special services teacher waved goodbye to him, Isaiah heard several boys in the back of the room laugh. George dropped his head, pushed his sliding
glasses back against his nose, and returned to his seat. Isaiah felt sorry for George.

“Shut your faces!” Rose, a girl two rows over, said twisting around, her magenta and black hair flying. Isaiah admired her courage in speaking up, but she often got sent to the hall for it,
or the principal’s office.

“That will be enough all of you,” his math teacher said.

Isaiah was glad he was invisible to his meaner classmates so he didn’t have to put up with what George did. He just wished the others saw him as more than the weak kid with breathing


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