The Eildon Tree

May 21st, 2017 | By | Category: Articles, Poetry


Spikes spear the sky; a crown of thorns

Exchanged for a crown of flowers

As May Day comes with wind and sun;

With eerie Faerie powers.


Thomas walked beneath the tree

He met a lady fair

With velvet cloak and oak green shirt

Riding a milky mare.


She tempts with words and tempts with kiss

Enchanting him away

To Faerie land for seven year

In silence there to stay.


The tree still stands, it’s gnarly roots

Drive deep into the earth

Each Beltane see the pale blossom

Each May Day: Faerie mirth.


So wander not beneath the tree

Of white and green and thorn

For good neighbours aren’t always fair

And your family may mourn.



(Poem by Mabh Savage, photograph by Stephen Chapman)

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