The Doctor and the Daoine Maith

May 31st, 2019 | By | Category: Book Reviews

Whovian Druids may be unaware that there is a Doctor Who adventure involving the Good Neighbours: Autumn Mist by David A. McIntyre (1999, BBC Books).

I recently finished reading it for the first time. The book features the Eighth Doctor, as portrayed by Paul McGann on television, radio, and on licensed audio dramas produced by Big Finish Productions.

In Autumn Mist, the Doctor and two companions arrive in the TARDIS on a World War II battlefield. A German army has captured one of the Fair Folk for use as a secret weapon. As anyone familiar with the lore might predict, this soon goes pear-shaped! For those who are interested in both Doctor Who and the Daoine Maith, it is enjoyable to see how McIntee blends the two.

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