The Challenge of Trust

May 31st, 2013 | By | Category: Yoga Witch
micahael bThe energy of change moving through all of us.  You can feel it in the air, and see in those around you.  I know I’ve been feeling the call for deeper connection to spirit, to my path, and to my practice.  Change is not always a pretty thing, sometimes it is harsh, visceral and can be difficult. 
As we move through transition we get to learn a lot about ourselves.  Change challenges us on many levels.  Change is surrender to the unknown.  Change can be scary, and even positive change means parts of who we were will no longer exist.  When we start our yoga practice our bodies are tight, stiff, and often do not look forward to the movement ahead.  The more we stretch, show up, and move the more fluid we become. Change is also a challenge to trust.  Trusting ourselves in the transition, trusting others as we move into new aspects of our lives, trusting that we have the energy and power to move towards our goals. 

Trust does not come easy.  This is evident in any yoga class.  We often struggle to trust our bodies within the asanas (postures).  We have to learn to trust our instructors, trust our mats, and even trust that the floor will indeed catch us if we fall.  We have to trust that the breath will sync up with the movements, and that we’ll be able to make it through the more challenging postures.  Trust does not come easy, but it comes.  Eventually we forget that that we had doubt of our body’s ability to do the postures, it becomes a natural, our minds become at ease… and then we get introduced to new postures, ideas, and concepts that challenge us and we start the practice over again.  Committing to yoga practice on the mat allows us to extend that energy into all areas of our lives.  Accepting trust on the mat allows us to accept trust of self in other areas of our lives. 

One of the ways we can help balance trust and transition is through a solid daily practice.  Taking time to sit in front of our altars, to get on the yoga mats, and to show up to practice helps us to stay balanced.  Daily practice allows us to be consistent with how we access our magick.   When the challenge of trust shows up we have tools that will help us to move through those areas of our life. 

Take a moment to look at where you may have had a recent challenge with trust, where you many have held onto doubt–What tools allowed you to move through that time in your life?  

In my next post I’ll be discussing how to develop and build a daily yoga witch practice.

You are Loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine. 

micahael bMichael Brazell is a Professional Intuitive, Witch and Yogi.  He manages a new age book store, teaches, and hosts an online radio show.  He lives and works in Washington DC. 

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