The Calling

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In my last post, I discussed what it was like to have been chosen by Satan when I was a child. Once I knew this, accepted it, and chose to follow the path of Satanism, it became a time of learning. It was difficult because back in the 1980’s there wasn’t much to read about Satanism except that which was mostly written by Christians. This was not factual information but their own propaganda warning people about how ‘evil’ Satanism was and how Satan’s goal was to seduce people away from the Christian god.

The media was not any better in how it treated Satanism. I remember watching the Geraldo Rivera show “Devil Worship: Exposing Satan’s Underground,” and cringed at how Rivera treated those he interviewed, trying to make it seem like Satanists were nothing but criminals. It was a totally biased view and didn’t allow for anything positive to be said about Satanism. At least Michael Aquino, the founder of the Temple of Set, was there to stand up for Satanism, giving an intelligent voice among the riffraff.

As a teenager, it’s not easy to watch your religion constantly being made to look ‘evil.’ My family believed all the negativity and I was not allowed to have anything to do with the occult in my house. Eventually, my mother allowed me to set up an altar to Satan. I was limited to what I could put on it, candles were forbidden as she was worried that they would start a fire. This hindered my devotional practice, but I did what I could with what I had. Even as young as I was, I knew that intent was what mattered.

As time went on, I began to feel Satan drawing me closer. I was having intense dreams, one being a powerful initiation that was so vivid, I knew it was more than just a dream. It had a powerful impact on my life and was confirmation that I was truly chosen. Doubts will come on any path, and at times I questioned whether I was worthy of being Satan’s, but he showed me that I was time and time again through many different means. He spoke to me through Al-Jilwah in which he states:

“I give my covenant to him that trusts in me.” Chapter One, Al-Jilwah

Even though I was being told everywhere I looked that Satan was evil, I knew deep down that I could trust him. The energy I felt from him was intense and powerful, but it wasn’t evil as people view evil to be. He was transforming me, and I welcomed it. Further on in Al-Jilwah, he states:

“I reveal my wonders to those who seek them, and, in due time my miracles to those who receive them from me.” Chapter Three, Al-Jilwah

When I read that, it was as if the words jumped off the page at me. I longed to see him and his wonders. My spirit was anxious for his presence and my heart beat wildly when I felt him near. I couldn’t get enough of Satan and wanted to learn and experience more. I trusted him, not the people blubbering about on the television. No one could have swayed my mind to feel different. There are no words to express the wonder and anticipation I felt.

Satan was calling me to become more. My desire to write about him grew exponentially. If I wasn’t writing, I felt a strong tug in my spirit that I could not ignore until I picked up my pen. I wrote everywhere. I carried a binder around like it was a lifeline and wrote poems about him at home, at school, and out in the neighbourhood. I read them out loud to whoever would listen.

I was known everywhere for being a Satanist. At school, people either asked questions with a true desire to learn or they spread rumors, having bought into the stereotypical nonsense. I was never one to care what people thought of me, all I wanted was to teach people about Satan.

Satan began showing me the bigger picture. That what I was writing would make a difference in the world and that I was to live my life for him. I felt set apart and I knew that my life was not going to be a normal one. I was honoured but at the same time overwhelmed. People my age were talking about clothes, the latest music videos, dating, and all I could think about was the Prince of Darkness, the Horned God of the Sabbath. I wanted to spread his message and let the world see who he truly is.

Over thirty years later, Satan still calls me to go deeper. The journey is far from over. Being chosen by Satan is amazing but being called to serve him is an honour.

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