Ten Pagan resolutions

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jhp551bfc27c579fBy Nimue Brown

The calendar year turns and we head towards January. An arbitrary number change that suggests renewal nonetheless. Out there in the mainstream, it’s a popular time for New Year’s resolutions, but all too often these are just an excuse to feel guilty. Eat less, go to the gym, try harder, do more… intentions that often won’t carry us through the first month, let alone the whole year. Here are ten resolutions you might want to borrow. None of them will hurt much, none of them are about blame or shame. Take as many or as few appeal to you.

  1. Learn a song, poem or story – great for sharing in ritual, and a much deeper way of connecting with myths and traditions.
  2. Plant a tree (or something regionally appropriate).
  3. Spend more time outside.
  4. Make time to stop – be that to pray, meditate, stare out of the window, daydream, cloud gaze – it’s all good. You don’t have to be disciplined and organised, just make time to stop, be quiet and peaceful, breathe and be present. It will lighten your day and bring other rewards.
  5. Share the good things. Hand them round, loan them, tell people about them – whatever makes sense. Be it a joke, a book, something you no longer use. Spread the joy.
  6. Remember that your body is also nature. It’s a soft mammal body. Be kind to it.
  7. Be relaxed about difference. Most of the time, it’s not a big deal if we don’t agree with each other. Save your energy for the fights you think are really important.
  8. Look at ways to bring more beauty into your life, and if feasible, more beauty into other people’s lives as well.
  9. Resolve to accept failure, and the absence of big revelations. We all fail now and then, and many spiritual practices do not lead to a rollercoaster of wild spiritual experiences. Allow yourself to experience what happens, don’t hold onto ideas about what you think should happen.
  10. Be splendid. There’s enough anger and misery in the world already, rather than getting bogged down in this and becoming cross and miserable, become a force for quiet awesomeness.
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