Tarot: The Queens

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amythyst raineThe ladies of the tarot deck, whether reflecting the personalities of actual people in your life or elemental energies, will keep you on your toes, connecting to both your mundane world and the magickal realm. You can use their energy and ambiance in spell-crafting, along with their decidedly awesome entanglements to the elemental powers (earth, air, fire, & water). 

Queen of Pentacles: 
The woman…she’s vain, and no wonder, in her youth she was most likely drop-dead gorgeous.  Aging is difficult for the beautiful woman, who often has her identity wrapped tightly around her looks.  When this begins to fade, she may have a difficult time re-inventing herself, looking past the physical body, digging deeper, beneath the skin.  The Queen of Pentacles seems to be uncomfortable at this level. 

She is the supreme “Earth Mother”, nurturing animals and children alike.  She tends to be sexual in a robust completely unself-conscious way, and she views pregnancy in a light that some woman would find unnerving.  It comes naturally to her; she revels in it.  The difficult thing about this woman is that she is so immersed in the physical aspect of life, including her sexuality, that she has a tendency to be unfaithful, to shy away from monogamy.  The Queen of Pentacles is also outspoken, and she tends to stand her ground valiantly (and stubbornly) in disputes. 

The energy…the element: Earth; the magick: to bring those things to you that center around the material aspect of life, but also, those things of the physical realm that we need to lead happy fulfilling lives, such as good health and healing from various maladies.  If it’s something you physically desire, whether a new lover or a new car, call upon the energy the Queen of Pentacles, using her image in your magick. 

Queen of Swords: 
The woman…This Queen possesses an extremely sharp intellect, second only to the sharpness of her tongue (swords is a most fitting suit).  This woman is generally alone; she’s too independent, too outspoken, so intelligent as to be intimidating to the average male, too work-driven to immerse herself deeply enough within a relationship in order to make a satisfactory connection.  The Queen of Swords is the epitome of the strong female archetype.  But aside from this veneer, more deeply than she’d care for you to look, you will find a lonely and often bitter woman, one who sets her own standards high, so high in fact that no one quite measures up.  Instead of settling for what she views as second best, she chooses solitude. 

The other side to this Queen is a woman who will fight to the death for truth, for justice, for ‘the principle of the thing’.  You’ll often find her, if not directly connected to the judicial system, involved in civil rights, animal rights, or some such endeavor that will give her a chance to fight for the underdog, and a worthy warrior she’ll be. 

The energy…the element: Air; the magick…this magick will embrace the transitory energies that encompass pure thought, mental creativity, artistic endeavors, the full mental aspects of human development and existence; but also communication– between human beings, between the spirit world, between nature.

Queen of Wands: 
The woman…The Queen of Wands contains a fiery temperament and an almost overwhelming need to control– to control situations, people, outcomes, business, her household, her spouse or partner, and especially her children.  This woman keeps her life orderly and usually uncomplicated, uncomplicated if those close to her accept the terms which she expects them to follow.  She is the master of her own ship, the ruler of her own realm; and in holding this position, she often won’t allow others, especially those close to her, to view a weaker side.  She doesn’t usually even acknowledge a weaker side.  But this Queen does have a soft spot; well, not exactly a ‘soft spot’ as most people would think of it, but she does have a place within her heart that can be wounded, and when wounded she will become colder and even vicious about it.  The real heartbreak is that no matter how hard the violator may try to mend the breach, they will find a solid block of impenetrable ice.  This Queen does not forgive, nor does she forget. 

The energy…the element: Fire; the magick: this Queen’s energy is all about passion, all kinds of passion, whether physical passion, passion of ideas, passion associated with complete immersment in a project, a plan, or a way of life.  This energy can be used to add spit and fire to any type of spell crafting.  It will speed things along, burn up obstacles, dissolve apathy.  

Queen of Cups: 
The woman…she’s soft and pliant; eager and willing to please; a doting spouse and mother; gentle; quiet; easily hurt; emotionally fragile, prone to episodes of deep sadness and depression or incessant worry.  This Queen tends to live in a world of her own making, within the mysterious realms of her mind, her dreams, her delusions.  She is most often extremely psychic, as well as empathic, and it’s this factor that often leads to periods of what appears to be depression.  The Queen of Cups can pick up keenly the emotions of those around her, but she often has a difficult time processing which feelings are her own and which are not, and this is her biggest weakness.  This Queen often is gifted with the power of visions, it’s only when she has difficulty understanding or interpreting this gift that it can cause problems.

The other side of this woman is a side that is extraordinarily sensuous and sexual in the softest and most romantic of ways.  She loves falling in love for the sake of love itself, often idolizing the object of her affection.  She tends to be drawn to the occult, the paranormal, the etheric, those unexplainable plains that practical minds can’t navigate. 

The energy…the element: Water; the magick: the energy this Queen generates will involve matters of love, beauty, dreams, psychism.  It’s her energy that will conjure spirits, worship the divine, generate dreams, and promote a sense of peace.  

The Queens of the tarot, a mighty quartet they are, full of love and life, passion and strength.  They are also more complicated than a simple essay can convey; there is more depth to these archetypes than you can imagine, and only by a lengthy study would you be able to examine all the layers.  By the archetypes they represent, by the personalities they expose, by the psychological profiles they represent, and by the occult energies they influence, embrace these Queens, run with them, learn from them, grow with them.

amythyst raineAmythyst Raine is a professional psychic, real-life witch, and spiritual feminist. She has practiced her own brand of paganism for the past 30 years and is the high priestess of Bristolwicks Coven. Amythyst is also a practitioner of holistic healing through reiki, crystal therapy, and chakra balancing. She lives in Nebraska.

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