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When do you celebrate Beltain?

Apr 25th, 2018 | By

By Nimue Brown The obvious day to celebrate Beltain is the 1st of May – the date of the Celtic festival honoured by our ancestors. May Day traditions are longstanding and widespread, with maypoles, morris dancers, mummers, hobby horses and more. It’s a day that has carried through to have relevance for modern socialism, reflected

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Valborgsmässoafton – Walpurgis Night – Witches’ Night  April 30th

Apr 30th, 2017 | By

By Imelda Almqvist Valborgsmässoafton 2012 pĂĄ Skansen   (Uppsa Kulle, Södermanland – Sweden, Easter 2017)   Valborgsmässoafton is more commonly known as Valborg or Walpurgis Night. That is the English translation for Walpurgisnacht (the Dutch and German name for the night of April 30th). In Germanic folklore this night is also known as the Hexennacht

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