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Pagan Portals Runes – an excerpt

Oct 1st, 2018 | By

The Runes are a set of 24 symbols which are steeped in history, myths and legends. pagan Portals Runes, by Kylie Holmes offers practical and accessible information for anyone to understand this ancient form of divination. Here’s an excerpt from the book. “If you’ve just begun your spiritual journey, you can boost the process whilst

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Rune Activism for Fallen Trees

Jun 1st, 2018 | By

By Imelda Almqvist In Germanic regions, it was believed that mankind was created from tree trunks, echoing the perception that people and trees have much in common. In Sweden, some trees were considered ‘wardens’ and could guard a home from bad luck. The warden was usually a very old tree growing on the lot near

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Books for Divination

Nov 17th, 2017 | By

Divination is a part of many paths and can take many forms. For cunning folk as for shaman, finding lost things is part of the work that a community will need doing for it. On the druid path, it is particularly ovates who are concerned with divination work. For Pagans, divination is a lot more

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Favourite methods of divination

Feb 19th, 2017 | By

We asked how people prefer to approach divination, and the answers were fascinating… Julie Brett: I like nature itself or what I call “oracle walking”. Also oracle cards and home made ogham. Kate Large: Tarot for me. I got into it as a teenager, so it feels so familiar: just picking it up moves me outside my

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Books of Runes

Jan 5th, 2017 | By

Enigmatic and powerful, the runes offer a Pagan practitioner many different ways of working. We have three titles that explore just some of the options. Just Add Blood, by Kennan Taylor is a book directed toward healing and personal development. Just Add Blood is an introduction to the use of the Anglo-Saxon runes. It serves as

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