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Different Kinds of Warriors Part Three

May 26th, 2018 | By

    Knowing when not to hug When not to speak When not to take silence Personally Knowing when not to bug When not to seek When not to be unkind Or miserly I may be blank-eyed Hiding Cranky Sliding Into a muddy hole Deep in the forest Where even the green man Seems not

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Different Kinds of Warriors Part One

Mar 10th, 2018 | By

Great black wings Beating at my back Keeping me on track Pulling up the slack So I am not I fight, The black hyenas Of the mind When I find They are chewing The carcass Of my motivation I pray to the Morrígan For she knows how to transform Into the beast that is needed

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A spell of remembering and roses

Feb 13th, 2018 | By

I stood at the edge of water and scraped away land I stood at the edge of what was and what is now the waves of grief are palpable the memories too many to capture too many to hold so I go to the water that knows how to hold to rock and to cradle

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Hekate Einalian Devotional

Jan 20th, 2018 | By

Hekate Einalian Thank you for safe passage You showed your power The ship shook with rage With passion With strength With joy The waves crashed in Just the right places Making the smooth crossing A hectic horror For those with seasickness Even some who had Never suffered previously Clutched their twisting tummies But the cabin

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Moon Bard – February

Feb 8th, 2016 | By

February ….. Spring is here, so they say; still the long and dreaming nights persist for a while but the returning light is opening up the landscape once more. ESTUARY. The eye widens for lack of corners In this long lapped, sea soaked landscape, Or squints, in grit of squall, Across the empty marsh, That

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January Moon Bard

Jan 4th, 2016 | By

January …. Supposedly the coldest month … supposedly. So I thought some sparks of poetry to keep the cold at bay ….. Haiku. A Blackbird bathing; Creating micro rainbows In flying water. Hedgerow prickle-pig, Traveling the rooted route; Worms creep, warily. The great wanderer; Winter, wrapped within your skin And snow ball bear cubs. The

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Moon Bard – December

Dec 16th, 2015 | By

December …. The world waits for the gift of light to return and wears the winter as best it can. YULE. This path leads to a golden gift. The sun breaks free of winters icy rath, Unwraps the lengthening of days, And gives the light of life Once more to earth. Yet still, that bright

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Poetry and Moon Books

Nov 8th, 2015 | By

Love Pagan Poetry? Interested in writing poetry, or working with it in ritual and meditation? Here are some books to inspire you. Moon Poets In this slim volume you will find six Moon Books poets from the USA and UK. We are delighted and immensely proud that Tiffany, Robin, Lorna, Romany, Martin and Beverley have

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Moon Bard November

Nov 6th, 2015 | By

November …. Winter draws around us and the time of dreaming, myth and hearth stories draws us in. SEASONS TURN. The flame of autumn fades, And nature’s hearth dies down To colours of the earth; The ochred glow of life, Blown out of trees, To gutter on the ground; Through the ember months of winter,

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Moon Bard – September

Sep 8th, 2015 | By

September …….. the border lands of the seasons turning …….. ideas and images HOLLOW WAY. Listen to the misty whispers of the wood, The ghostly voice of all its ancient roots; Tread the brown leaf ground of mast and mold, As calling crow, cracks open winters door; Climb the mound, where once the oak tree

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