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Excerpt from Pagan Portals Manannan

Jun 28th, 2019 | By

Pagan Portals – Manannán mac Lir by Morgan Daimler – unravelling the mystery, magic, and myth of Manannán. Here’s an excerpt from the preface: The Celtic gods have often held a place, as in paganism, as one of the more popular and more often written about pantheons, yet it can be a challenge to find

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Chapter 8 Fairy Queens in Literature and Popular Culture

Jul 26th, 2018 | By

Chapter 8 Literature, Popculture, and Fairies: Queens in a New Age Thus far we’ve looked at the Fairy Queens in Scottish folklore and several of the named Queens in Irish folklore. These are the Fairy Queens of history and of daily belief who people have been acknowledging for unknown amounts of time. Now as we

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The Essential Compendium of Irish Deities

Jul 9th, 2018 | By

One of my favourite offerings from Moon Book’s Pagan Portals series is Morgan Daimler’s Gods and Goddesses of Ireland: A Guide to Irish Deities (2016). There are certainly other texts that present Irish deities within the context of greater Celtic culture. (E.g., the excellent and scholarly Celtic Myth and Religion by Sharon Paice McLeod, which

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Chapter 7 Una, Fairy Queen of Tipperary

Jun 23rd, 2018 | By

The last of the named Irish fairy Queens that we are going to look at in detail is Una, although there are of course more than the few I have presented here. I would encourage people to explore more of the folklore on your own if you feel like you still haven’t found a particular

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Chapter 6 – Cliodhna

May 24th, 2018 | By

Clíodhna – Fairy Queen and Bean Sí   Clíodhna (old Irish Clíodna – pronounced KLEEuhn-uh) is a Fairy Queen and is also sometimes counted among the Tuatha Dé Danann of Ireland. The meaning of her name is uncertain but may be ‘the territorial one’, likely reflecting her earlier role as a sovereignty Goddess associated with

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Chapter 5 – Aoibheall

Apr 24th, 2018 | By

The next named Fairy Queen we’re going to look at is Aoibheall, who is also found in the southwest of Ireland like Áine. She is a more obscure Fairy Queen but her folklore goes back to at least the 11th century. She is found in Clare and some of the surrounding areas, and like so

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Chapter 4 – Áine

Mar 24th, 2018 | By

Now that we have looked at the Queens of the Seelie and Unseelie Court let’s turn our attention to the Fairy Queens elsewhere. While the model of the two courts can be very useful it is something we only see in Scotland; when we look at the Queens in Ireland we find more subtlety and

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Pagan Portals Odin – an excerpt

Mar 2nd, 2018 | By

Pagan Portals Odin, by Morgan Daimler, comes out this month. Here’s an excerpt from the introduction. “One of the most well-known and popular Norse Gods is without a doubt Odin. Honored by people across a wide array of different Pagan and Heathen traditions, called by many names, if you ask most people to think of

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Chapter 3 – Nicnevin

Feb 23rd, 2018 | By

Having met the Queen of Elfland in the previous chapter, now let’s take a look at Nicnevin who some say is the Queen of the Unseelie Court. The Unseelie are the less benevolent and more dangerous court, but Nicnevin is also strongly associated with witches and besides her title of Queen of the Unseelie she

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Chapter 2: Meeting the Queen of Elfland

Jan 26th, 2018 | By

Chapter 2 The Queen of Elfland Now that we’ve gotten a basic idea of the etiquette and navigating Fairy, and have met and gotten to know our guide, it’s time to start looking at meeting the Queens themselves. We will take our time with this and from here on out each individual chapter will be

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