Superhero Magic

Aug 25th, 2018 | By | Category: Articles

I freely admit I am a nerd of the first order when it comes to superhero movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the movie equivalent of highly addictive narcotics, especially those characters with a mythological back story (Thor anyone?). Perhaps this is common to those in the pagan and occult communities, fascination with characters who in some way embody the stories we use to frame our paths and our beliefs. This then leads to the consideration of our motivations for pursuing the pagan path. Are we looking for something impossible, deep down imagining we will fire real lightning from our fingers against some as yet discarnate foe? I must make it clear that nearly all the practitioners of pagan faith and magical work with whom I am acquainted work from a place of integrity and genuine understanding. Yet I wonder how often our weakness for the impossibly magical impedes our ability to progress on our real-world magical pathways. Are we always subconsciously measuring our genuine progress in occult working against the insta-magic shown in films, not fully accepting the magic in the everyday because it doesn’t look as real as the special effects on screen. This disconnection is perhaps exacerbated by the ubiquitous modern problem of immersion in the virtual world of smartphones and Instagram, where even our mundane lives are polished and filtered to at least two removes from physical reality. It is tricky to ground and centre when we have little concept of what and where the real ground is. It is little wonder that almost every magical training worth it’s circle casting salt begins by encouraging participants to raise their awareness and perception of the real world around them. Maybe we need to relocate our priorities in the small details of life – I may not be able to launch red fireballs from my hands like the Scarlet Witch but I can grow bloody good tomatoes and do some shit hot energy work to boot. That’s the superhero magic we need. 

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