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Traditional_Witchcraft_for_the_Seashore_72Melusine Draco is the author of a very popular traditional witchcraft series – books exploring traditional witchcraft for fields and hedgerows, for the seashore, for woods and forests and urban living, alongside a number of other excellent books.

If you want to take your traditional witchcraft studies that bit further, here are some options for studying more directly with Melusine Draco:

COVEN OF THE SCALES – Principal: Melusine Draco

ARCANUM explores traditional British Old Craft magic, aiming specifically at solitary practitioners, and providing a safe way to gain a solid grounding in practical Craft techniques.  Most people learn about magic and witchcraft from books, and they learn alone. Their magic remains a very personal and private thing.  This has one very major drawback, however … where do you go to ask niggling questions, or check whether you are    working safely and efficiently? ARCANUM is a 12-part foundation course in traditional Craft methods and techniques. The course is also aimed at those wishing to understand more about the practical  elements of magical practice before they join a working group, or if they just wish to continue to work alone.  We provide a team of experienced magical practitioners in order to answer questions on any aspects of magic.  This means you can ask for help from someone whose background and antecedents have been checked by Coven of the Scales and with whose work you may already be familiar.  For more information go to:

9781846948015_Traditional_Witchcraft_for_Fields_and_Hedgerows_72Melusine Draco is author of the best-selling six-part Traditional Witchcraft series; two titles on power  animals – Aubry’s Dog and Black Horse, White Horse; By Spellbook & Candle: Cursing, Hexing, Bottling and Binding; The Dictionary of Magic & Mystery published by Moon Books; and Magic Crystals Sacred Stones published by Axis Mundi Books


TEMPLE OF KHEM: Contrary to popular belief, the modern Egyptian Mystery Tradition is not based solely on elaborate and complicated ritual.  In strictly historical terms, these daily observances were carried out in the inner sanctum of the Temple by pharaoh, or the high priest acting on his behalf.   Magic was used by all levels of society as a means of national and cultural preservation, but as far as the ordinary people were concerned, much of their religion was a blend of petitioning the local patron deity for help, and simple rites of protection or healing.  In 1996, a group of British magical practitioners decided to form the Temple of Khem in order to offer structured courses in the Mysteries for those who wished to pay homage to the gods of the Nile Valley. Using the resources at the British Museum and the Egypt Exploration Society, it was possible to put together a basic, introductory course that would be well within the grasp of any genuine seeker, whilst not compromising or trivialising authentic source material. ToK explores the Egyptian Mystery Tradition from its primitive roots in pre-dynastic times, through the Heliopolitan and Hermopolitan cosmogonies – instead of attempting to condense a belief system that extended over 5,000 years.   Whether you are drawn to the primordial forces of emerging civilization; the mystery elements of a highly cultured people; or the ‘dying god’ concept of the cycle of life – the Temple of Khem will help you find the Path that is right for you.  For more information go to:

Melusine Draco is author of numerous books on the Egyptian Mystery Tradition including The Atum-Re Revival, published by Axix Mundi Books (JHP).

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