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jhp5423fc87b679cTraining in British Native Shamanism

Moon Books author Elen Sentier offers an Apprenticeship in the Old Ways of Britain

The apprenticeship begins on the 31st October each year and lasts for one year. There are 8 lessons, one at each season of the Celtic year. The work is very experiential although it’s largely done on-line. There is also the opportunity to spend time working with her at her house, either 1-1 or as a small group. The apprenticeship finishes with a 5-day experiential workshop on Exmoor in October. Here we work at sacred sites as well as journeying, dream-work, drumming, dancing, singing and building a group totem. The workshop is based in a comfortable cottage in the heart of the Moor and includes full board and tuition.

jhp52d894a224871The whole process of the apprenticeship is very intuitive. It enables you to learn how to work with otherworld. By the end of the year you will be able to work without needing any props, plants, regalia, or anything but what you stand up in and (to quote Gollum) what you have in your pocketses :-). This is how we work. We know that everything we need will always be there at the moment when it’s needed. As you may imagine, this is quite a big leap for most people but the year’s training does do its enabling work.

Students who have done the apprenticeship may then choose to continue onto the 3-year advanced training, Rainbow Warriors.

Applications for the apprenticeship need to be made by the end of August as there is pre-course work you need to do before your first lesson arrives in mid-October. Your application begins a conversation between us which helps you discover if what Elen has is what you want :-).

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