Shamanic Intensive: Celestial Journeys

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jhp54e317c36150cDenise Bassile of the Web PATH Center, contributing writer for Sacred Sex and Magick is leading the autumn Shamanic Intensive at the Web October 3 & 4 2015.

9:30am-5 pm

Presented by Zatira

$35 for the weekend

Bring your drums, rattles, journals, drinks, snacks, and lunch to share.

Please pre-register by providing your name, address, e-mail to [email protected] and put Shamanic Intensive 2015 in the heading. Under 18s must have written parental permissions.

From the beginning of creation and the life of humankind, people have looked at the stars and planets with wonder and amazement. As time has gone on, people have told stories of the stars and planets, named them and sough to come as close to them as possible.

Maybe, just maybe it is not time to explore what could be our own personal relationship with the stars and planets.

Through shamanic journey work, through the drums and crystal bowls, we will travel through time and space to ask personal questions of the stars and planets: Why are we here together in this life?  How do we influence each other? How can we assist each other in creating a deeper exchange of love and information? How can we engage in a better relationship with our Mother Earth and her brothers and sisters? How can we forge relationships with life on other planets? And with our light and life giving Sun?

Zatira is Web Path alumni of Wicca 1-4, a former member of the Council and current classes coordinator for the Web program. She is an excellent channeler known for her work with pranic healing, crystal bowls, chakra, Reiki and channeling. She has practiced shamanism at the Web and in her journeys to the Native Reservations in the American West. Daughter of Isis, she dances with the moutains and sings with the winds. She is one of the contributors to Sacred Sex and Magick, written by thre Web PATH Center and published by Moon Books, available through your local book seller and all major book outlets.

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