September Poems

Sep 12th, 2013 | By | Category: Romany Rivers

romany riversRomany Rivers is a British Pagan Priestess and a Reiki Master residing in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she offers pagan training and family support to local and online communities. Her award winning holistic centre was the platform for Moon River Wicca, of which Romany is co-founder.



Touching Divine
A god to me
Divine male incarnate
Filling my eyes with potentiality
Narrowing my vision until all that remains is you
Beyond place
Beyond time
Beyond world of flesh or dream
Somewhere in between
I meet you there
You hail me as goddess
Not unreal, not mythical, but divine and human
With belly full of baby scars
Eyes surrounded with laughter lines
And hair kissed with winters touch
Goddess still I am
And it is true to me, in honesty, in beauty
For I am divine in your eyes
As you are in mine
I raise a hand of time gone by
Brush a hair from your eyes
And touch the wonder of masculine divine
My path to God through your heart
Your path to Goddess through mine

Autumn Arrives
Autumn arrives
As my son cries
And places fallen leaf upon my outstretched fingertips
Fix the tree he pleads
The leaf
It fell over
Fix the tree
If only it were so simple
To kiss it better
To hug away the hurt
To ease the seasons sorrow
I wonder if his heart will break a little
With every red gold shiver
With every bitter breeze
With every leaf crunching underfoot
The tree is broken in his mind
How does one explain
The time and tides
The ebb and flow
The come and go
To brimming tear filled brown eyes?
Is it too hard a truth to learn so young
That some things cannot be undone?
I cannot fix the tree for him
And reality upon me dawns
Just as the time has come for leaves to change
The mighty Mama also falls
No longer magic touch
Healing all with simple love
There are things in life beyond a Mamas reach
She cannot even fix the tree

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  1. Romany’s poetry is deeply spiritual and also accessible in its humanity. She writes with a rhythmic grace and I can’t wait to read more .

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