Seasonal alternatives for Pagans

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Australian DruidryRecently we had a blog about wildflowers and Beltain here at Moon Books, and you can expect some seasonal posting around the festival. However, it’s good to explore alternatives, and ahead of her first release with us this year, Julie Brett is most certainly doing that.

Julie is an Australian Druid developing an approach to the wheel of the year that makes sense in her landscape. She’s blogging at and her latest post is titled ‘Mushroom Festival’.

“We’ve had an incredibly wet few weeks. Through March I think we had about two days of sunny weather and a couple of peeks from the sun here and there, but most of the time it has been raining, and that has meant an abundance of mushrooms. They’re everywhere: in the bush, in gardens, on the side of the road, and as we were lucky to find out, all over the plantation pine forests just west of the mountains near Oberon.” Read the rest here –

Find out more about Australian Druidry here –

For other alternative seasonal thinking check out Lucya Starza on gorse folklore  and Nimue Brown on not being naked for Beltain

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