Samhain poetry – Presence

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By Lorna Smithers



For the Ancestors of this Land


You are birch on tundra tossed by the north wind.

You are elk drowned agonised in a shallow pool.

You are auroch, wild horse, antlered stag slain.

You are salmon. You are a sea faring people.

You are Briton, Roman, Saxon, Norse and Norman.

You are legend. Your swords and helmets gleam.

You are farmers, millers, brewers, and spinners.

You are reapers and golden barley mown.

You are industry’s dark chimneys and smoke wrapped walls.

You are abandoned vale and windswept moor.

You are eternal rain and west wind’s roar.

You are pilots when the death hounds call.

You are explosion, desolation, dust.

You are engraved in stone and live on as flowers.

You are a child in the world and the world in a child.

You are time immemorial and every waking hour.

You are presence- you are the stories on our lips.

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3 Comments to “Samhain poetry – Presence”

  1. charlotte hussey says:

    Love how this poem takes us through eons of time and the changing face of the landscape to end with the innocence of the child. Thanks for the inspiring journey…..

  2. Heron says:

    Making the Ancestors present – ‘stories on our lips’ , the bardic vocation fulfilled!

  3. Sheena Cundy says:

    Beautiful poem Lorna )O(

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