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Published in September 2017, Ross Heaven’s The Way of the Lover combines medicine wheel teachings of ‘The Path of The Heart’, with the poetry and hidden teachings of illumination within the words of the great Sufi love poet, Rumi. It explores the questions that concern every man and woman: What is True love? How can I be more loving in my relationships? Why do I find it so hard to give, forgive, or receive love? How do I know that my relationship is taking me where I want to go? Can I learn from my experiences of love? How do I deal with the pain of a broken heart? Can love help me grow and find greater happiness and satisfaction in life? Who am I, really, and what do I mean when I say that I want love?

Here are some snippets from reviews –

The Way of the Lover: Sufism, Shamanism and the Spiritual Art of Love,” by Ross Heaven, has given me a thousand, valuable quotes that make me believe that not everything is lost when it comes to life and love, and that even death and hate, concepts I’ve been so friends with for a long time, are anything but enemies of the first ones.”

New Age Journal – read the full review here-


“In this work Ross Heaven shares his immense knowledge, based in years of practicing as a psychologist, Shaman and Healer to introduce the seeker to what is True Love, not sexual love, but something far deeper, far greater, far more long lasting and permanent than instant gratification.” Blue Wolf reviews – full review here –


“Highly recommended. For me, the strength of this book is its successful synthesis of apparently diverse influences. As a road map for the spiritual journey throughout the life course, it has coherence, power and integrity.” James Nicol, on Amazon


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