Reviews for This Ancient Heart

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From Christine Cleere – “From words taking a deeply spiritual and religious perspective through to ones affirming a more scientific perspective, every essay in this collection is equally thought provoking and well written. For anyone seeking to understand and deepen their relationship with landscape and the ancestors (and who amongst us shouldn’t be doing that!) it is essential reading.” read the whole review here –

From Bad Witch Blog “Perhaps that is the overall message of the book, that it is good for us to feel a connection with the landscape and with those who have gone before us. Whether we follow a religion or spiritual path, or whether we are atheists, it is good to know where we are and where we come from, and spending time in the natural world can be healing.” Full review here –

Reviewers on Amazon have called it ‘beautiful and thought provoking’, and commented on how much food for thought it offers.

This one’s not strictly a review as Greywolf is in the book …. “If you’ve ever wondered how modern Pagans and other spiritual folk are currently responding to issues to do with connecting with the spirits and the physical realities of nature and of our communal and individual ancestors, or if you are looking for ways to enhance your own relationships in these areas, then this richly rewarding, varied and profoundly inspiring book is the ideal place to look.” Read the full commentary here –
Greywolf (Philip Shallcrass)

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