Reviews for Reclaiming Civilization

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Published in August 2017, Reclaiming Civilization asks what civilization is, and is it a good thing? It’s a name for the most glorious of humanity’s monuments and cultural achievements; yet it also speaks of the conquests, oppressions, and empires which make their glory possible. In this book, philosopher Brendan Myers explains the essence of civilization, then asks what’s wrong with it, and considers what can be done about it.

Here are some snippets from reviewers.

“Highly recommended. Contemporary Pagan philosopher Brendan Myers offers a nuanced and reflective discussion of civilization, its evident dysfunction, and how to respond.” Contemplative Inquiry.

“If you want to understand what civilization is and how it began, read this book. If you want to understand why civilization – like all human endeavors – requires tradeoffs and how some of those tradeoffs have been exploited, read this book. If you want a contemporary (and from my viewpoint, attractive) reflection on what it means to live a good life, read this book.” John Beckett johnbeckett/2017/10/reclaiming-civilization-case-optimism-future-humanity.html

“Reclaiming Civilization is an ouroboros of deeply philosophical musings concerned with how we define the civilization.” Ginae B on Goodreads.



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