Reviews for Identity and the Quartered Circle

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Published in 2013, Identity and the Quartered Circle¬†is an eclectic Wiccan discussion of the search for identity through the power of a cast circle and the four directions. Author Dorothy Abrams draws on her considerable teaching work – something she’s done since the 1980s and as a co-founder of the Web PATH centre.

From casting a circle to meeting the Elementals and winged spirits of faerie, the author leads the reader on a personal journey in consciousness. Here’s what reviewers have said about this book…

“I found myself reading Identity and the Quartered Circle with considerable interest. It is that rare thing ‚Äď an introduction than genuinely does have things to offer the person who has already been studying for a while” The Druid Network¬†

“If you feel you are on a journey of self discovery, wherever you might be on that path, I am sure this book can offer something to help you on your way.” A Bad Witch’s Blog¬†

“Abrams intertwines the lessons with her own story, revealing her own moments of discovery along the way. She teaches us what she’s learned within ancient stone circles and ecstatic rituals so moving that she expected to literally die.” Mark Carter reviewing on Amazon

“This book delves into the subject in a concise, logical manner, including the historical background, giving depth to the magical workings that it teaches.” DB on Amazon

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