Reviews for A Mystical Guide to Cleansing and Clearing

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Spiral Nature have just reviewed David Salisbury’s Mystical guide to Cleaning  and Cleaning

“I would recommend A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing to anyone who is just starting on their journey. I would also recommend it to people who have trouble with the cleansing aspect of the work as a way to help them find new ways to incorporate it into their practice. Overall, it’s a solid book that does a great job of introducing cleansing and clearing to people.”

You can read the entire review here –

Here’s a snippet from the Queen’s Sword review of this title “What I also liked about this whole book – besides it being so down to earth – was that he managed to make it into a learning experience as well. You’ll read about rituals in different religions, about the fact that being hexed is very rare and that cleansing and clearing is no miracle cure either. Like he’s saying, if you don’t take care of your health by eating junk food every day a healing bath won’t help you one bit. But it might help you start getting better the moment you incorporate a healthy diet. And it’ll definitely be a good beginning if you haven’t thought about your spiritual energy before (always feeling like the proverbial truck ran you over after a reading while you eat and drink well enough? You could start here and you’ll also learn how to *not* shut yourself off while doing so.)” read the rest here –

Pagan reviewer Mat Auryn said of it, “Everyone could definitely benefit from this book and think every witch should have a copy of it on their bookshelves.” You can read his full review here –


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