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jhp5166f08f7c1dbAriadne’s Thread by Laura Perry explores Minoan Paganism and how it can be drawn on for modern Pagan practice.

Queen’s Sword recently reviewed Ariadne’s thread alongside the Minoan Tarot set that Laura created. They said: “he book is a combination of a cultural reference book and one ritual-script for Pagans. If you’re a Pagan, a tarot reader and have the Minoan deck this is an easy choice for you. For the rest of us Ariadne’s Thread serves as a guide to most of the suit symbols, and as a window into the spiritual world of the Minoans. There were many times where I wished that a themed deck came with more than a LWB that just named the f.e. mythological creature on the card and left the rest up to me. Perry answered that prayer, because rummaging through libraries or Wikipedia to look up figures and mosaics is something that isn’t immediately necessary anymore.”

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Here’s a snippet from a longer review on Pagan Pages: “Ariadne’s Thread is a permanent addition to my ‘regular reads’ library and a triumph in what I consider the most necessary task of Pagan books: making it relevant. The thread Laura spins weaves all the way through time and is never broken. We can follow it either way, each page a new spool to turn.”


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Demetra S.Gerontakis: “In a nutshell, as I am from the island of Crete myself I found Aridne’s Thread to be a wonderful experience. I recommend it not only to those interested in ancient history, Cretan mythology and Minoan civilization but to anyone who wants to educate themselves in general. Ariadne’s Thread by Laura Perry is definitely a must!”

Lenora: “Ariadne’s Thread takes the reader from the evidential basis of the Minoans in history, through to a reconstruction of their possible spiritual beliefs relating to the Great Goddess – Ariadne and her many faces; the second part of the book provides a practical and beautifully written collection of Minoan style rituals, from seasonal events to rights of passage, for the modern practitioner.”

and from Hektorsmum “I found the book interesting, but a little too serious for me. However, I gave it to a friend as a gift and they are very pleased with it.” Which is a fair point because this is a book for people who want to delve deeply into the history, myths and evidence pertaining to Minoan Paganism. It’s a very readable book, but there’s a wealth to take in. readers who don’t want to delve about as much could use it effectively as a reference book and dip in and out at need.

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