Remember Victims of Violence at the Hungry Ghost Festival

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Every Day Magic

Today is the Festival of Hungry Ghosts. In the Moon Books community book Every Day Magic, Janet Boyer wrote this entry about the festival for 5 September. Janet also suggested lighting incense as an offering for those who have met a violent or tragic end. She said:

On the 15th day of the 7th lunar calendar, many Asians celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival, or Zhongyuan or Yu Lan. Buddhist scriptures describe many levels of hell (the underworld). This festival appeases restless souls who did not get a proper burial, were treated badly by family, perished violently or lived unhappily. In addition to offering fruit, meat, pastries and rice to these ‘hungry’ souls, celebrants also burn paper effigies of money (hell notes), cars, clothes, jewelry, houses, servants – anything usable in the afterlife (they believe burning joss paper will manifest the real items in the underworld). You could also burn joss paper – or incense – for those who died a tragic or violent death.

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