Refill Your Cup / Let Your Light be Reborn

Dec 4th, 2017 | By | Category: Articles

by Irisanya Moon

There is a time between Samhain and Yule where things seem to slow down. The light doesn’t linger and there are more days when bedtime is as soon as possible. As a public priestess and teacher, this is also the time when I step back from public things and start planning the next year.

But before the planning, it’s time to rest. To recharge. To refill my cup.

I love the work I am called to in Reclaiming. I am grateful and I am dedicated to service.

And I get tired. I get out of balance with my self care, with my daily practices, with my relationships.

This is the time when I restore myself and renew the vows to myself, vows of never abandoning my heart and my body.

Renew, renew, renew

I clear the schedule, I figure out what’s actually important. I step away from calendars and lists. I breathe in salt air at the ocean and I let my brain unwind.

I call out to the moon and offer a promise of surrender to what is coming.

I call out to the earth in gratitude for sustenance and stability.

I call out to the ancestors and ask for their continued wisdom.

I call out to the godds and renew my relationships, the altars, the prayers.

I rest.

I sleep, I read, I watch mindless television.

I snack. I listen to my body’s cravings and I answer their calls.

I walk more. I laugh more. I cry more.

The moon knows

Just this morning at around 3:30am local, I stepped out into the cold of the night and I whispered to the moon my thanks. I whispered that I would trust in what was coming. I let the light pour over my skin and took a breath that filled me to my edges.

The moon knows how my heart has broken. How it will heal. How it remembers where all the pieces return when it is time.

Let your light be reborn

It’s not surprising that the urge to renew comes now, in the space of dark and quiet. I encourage you to find your own moment. It doesn’t have to be a supermoon or a new moon or a perfect alignment.

Take a breath and hold it in. Allow the breath to be the welcoming back into your present self.

Release the breath and feel the space that is opening up for you.

Follow your breath like a prayer of presence and openness.

Follow your heart to the place of renewal.

It always knows the way.


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