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Rayna Noire is an author and a historian. She writes Pagan fiction, and she generously reviews Moon Books titles.

Here are some snippets from recent reviews…

jhp56fbd3f9d33d5Revealing The Green Man: “As a historian and archaeologist, he explains how the Green Man is rooted in ancient history. We can find his image peering out at us from primitive paintings to grandiose cathedrals. Olly offers more than a timeline, which more researchers could do, he makes the Green Man, a living presence that interacts with the reader.”

Read the entire review here – http://raynanoire.weebly.com/blog/pagan-book-review-revealing-the-green-man







jhp56d7365785355San Pedro Plant Wisdom: “Author Ross Heaven explains the various ways the cactus can be in used in Shamanic practices. I felt like I learned a great deal from this book. It was an easy read too. I would recommend it for the intellectually curious and those interested in Shamanism and plants.”

Read the whole review here – http://raynanoire.weebly.com/blog/friday-pagan-book-reviews-san-pedro-plant-wisdom






jhp56d4a0579c6fbThe Cailleach: “The book is written in a very readable style complete with folk tales, poems, even a recipe or two. If you’re into Goddess worship or just want to know more about the Cailleach, then this is your book.”

Read the whole review here – http://raynanoire.weebly.com/blog/friday-pagan-book-reviews-the-cailleach








And you can find out about Rayna’s Pagan Eye fiction series here – http://raynanoire.weebly.com/pagan-eyes-series

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